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19th July, Abacaxi @ Klub Zak, Gdansk, PL

13th Fire! Orchestra @ North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, ND

08th to 12th July, Workshop @ Intertonale, Scheibbs, AU

10th Solo Performance @ Intertonale, Scheibbs, AU

22th June, Solo @ La Nature Festival, Vielsalm, BE 

21th June, Performance for "L'Effort, Le Monde" by Jacques Perconte @ Le Générateur, Gentilly, FR

11th June, ARC @ Tempo Reale, Florence, IT


08th June,  FIre!Orchestra @ UKK, Uppsala, SE


07th June,  FIre!Orchestra @ Fasching, Stockholm, SE

06th June, Abacaxi @ Wine Nat White Heat, Nantes, FR 

30th May, ARC @  Angelica, Bologna, IT

29th May, Ohm Orchestra @ Angelica, Bologna, IT 

24th May Abacaxi @ Domicil, Dortmund, DE


11th May, Acapulco For Kids @ Les Nuits Sonores, Lyon, FR



22th March, ARC @ Banlieues Bleues, Paris, FR 

06th April,  ARC @ In Situ Festival, Reims, FR


14th March, Mopcut @  Het Bos, Antwerpen, BE

13th March, The Hatch @ Jazzwerstatt FestivalBern, CH


01st to 09th March, tour with Farida Amadou @ Sound Trips Germany, DE


10th February, ARC @ Festival Souffle, Dijon, FR

07th October, Solo @ Unsound, Krakow, PL 


27th October to 03rd November, Mopcut Uk tour, UK


04th November, Agora @ Impakt, Koln, DE

07th to 10th November, Solo residency @ INA-GRM, Paris, FR


11th November, Agora @ Wine Nat White Heat, Nantes, FR

26th November, Duo with Gabriele Mitelli @ Area Sismica, Forli, IT

3rd to 07th July , ARC residency @ Césaré, Reims, FR

19th August, with Farida Amadou @ Oslo Jazz Fest, NO

26th August, The Hatch @ Météo, Mulhouse, FR

12th May, Agora@ Périphérie, Limoges, FR

18th May, Agora @ Vang series, Madrid, SP

19th May, Agora @ West, Den Haag, NL

22th to 26th May, Fire Orchestra tour @ Sweden/Poland 

07th April, Coco @ Le Tandem, Arras, FR

19th April, Abacaxi @ Opus Jazzclub, Budapest, HU

20th April, Abacaxi @ A4, Bratislava, SK

21th April, Abacaxi @ Faun Festival, Brno,CZ

26th April, Abacaxi @ Bergen Playdate, Bergen, NO

27th April, Abacaxi @ Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo, NO

29th Abacaxi @ Portalegre Jazzfest, Portalegre, PT


03th March, Abacaxi @ Die Tonne, Dresden, DE

05th March, Abacaxi @ Cuba Black Box, Münster, DE

10th March, Abacaxi @ Fragments, Metz, FR

17th March, Mopcut @ Numu, Baden, CH

18th March, Mopcut @ Transit, Chemnitz, DE

19th March, Mopcut @ Morphine Raum, Berlin, DE

3th to 25th February, Residency for ARC @ Le Sirque, Nexon, FR

11th February, AGORA @ Indica Festival, Brescia, IT


10th February, duo with Loic Guenin @ Le ZEF, Marseille, FR 

22th January, Mopcut @ Area Sismica, Forli, IT

20th January, Mopcut @TBD, Foligno, IT

19th January, Mopcut @ Angelica, Bologna, IT

18th January, Mopcut @ Pietra Tonale, Torino, IT


17th January, Mopcut @ Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, FR


04th to 09th January, residency with Alvise Sinivia @ Sinivia Studio, Venezia, IT 



16th December, Mopcut@ FRIM, Stockholm, SE

10th December, Techno Feet solo@ Le Bal des Caves, Toulouse, FR

16th November, Abacaxi @ Divadlo 29, Pardubice, CZ

14th November, Abacaxi @ Palac Akropolis, Prague, CZ

10th November, with Farida Amadou@ La Soufflerie, Rezé, FR

03th November, Agora @ Zoom Festival, Bern, CH


24th October, Abacaxi@ Leipzig Jazzclub, Leipzig, DE

19th October, Agora@ La Marbrerie, Montreuil, FR

14th October, Abacaxi@ Skopje Festival, Skopje, MKD

13th October, Abacaxi@ FFMK Festival, Karlsruhe, DE

07th October, Acapulco Redux@ Cosmo,Venice, IT

10th September, Acapulco Redux@ Festival Klangspuren, Innsbruck, AT

04th September, Agora@ Meakusma Festival, Eupen, BE

03th September, Mopcut@ Impakt, Cologne, DE

02th September, Mopcut@ Meakusma Festival, Eupen, BE

27th August, Mopcut+Rabih Beaini@ Météo Festival, Mulhouse, FR

26th August, Mopcut+Kaffe Matthews@ Météo Festival, Mulhouse, FR


25th August, Agora@ Météo Festival, Mulhouse, FR

24th August, Abacaxi @ Audio Art Festival, Pula, HR


19th August, Acapulco Redux @ Festival Perform, Vertheuil, FR

05th August, Nate Wooley's @ Jazz Em Agosto, Lisbon, PT

31Th July,Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star@ Jazz Em Agosto, Lisbon, PT  

21th July, Duo with Farida Amadou@ N:EAR Festival, Banská Štiavnica, SK

11th to 15th July, ARC residency@ La Muse En Circuit, Alfortville, FR

10th July, Mopcut@ Tusk Festival, Newcastle, UK

09th July, Mopcut @ Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, UK


08th July, with Audrey Chen and Mariam Rezaei @ The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow, UK

29th Mopcut@ Sud Tiroll Festival, Bolzano, IT

25th Mopcut@ La Nature Festival , Vielsam, BE

18th Fire! Orchestra@ Ljubljana Jazz Festival, SL

15th Abacaxi@ Ljubjana Jazz Festival, SL

13th June, Fake@ Lac Daumesnil, Paris, FR


10th June, Abacaxi@ Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL

05th June, Acapulco Redux@ Le Rush Festival, Rouen, FR

20th to 27th May, Mopcut North America Tour:


20th@ FIMAV, Victoriaville, Quebec, CA

21th@  Musiques de Création, Saguenay, Quebec, CA

23th@ Nameless Sound, Houston, US

24th@ Feed Me Weird Thing, Iowa City, US

25th@ Rozztox, Rock Island, US

26th@ Elastic Arts, Chicago, US

27th@ Roulette, NYC, US

12th April, Duo with Farida Amadou@ Banlieues Bleues, Pantin, FR

29th March to 09th April, Residency @ Le Phare à Lucioles, Sault, FR


19th March, AGORA @ Les Bruissonnantes, Toulouse, FR

03rd February, Rob Mazurek's "Exploding Star Orchestra"@ Sons d'Hivers, Paris, FR

22th to 26th February, Mopcut + guest @ Topsi Pohl, Berlin, DE

18th December, ARC (New Work in Progress) @ Bruits Blancs, Anis Gras, Arcueil, FR


15th December, Acapulco redux@ Cave 12, Geneve, SW


06th December, duo with Philippe Malone @ Bruits Blancs, Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR


05th December, Solo @ Musée Nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration, Paris FR

02th December, Coco@ Théatre de Vanves, Vanves, FR

25th November, Abacaxi@ Sound Of Stockholm, SU

10th November, Abacaxi@ Jazz d'Or, Strasbourg, FR

05th November, Nate Wooley's Seven Storey Mountain @ Berlin Jazz Fest, Berlin, DE

28th October, Abacaxi @ Stockwerk, Graz, AT

16th October, Acapulco Redux @ ZEZ Festival, Zagreb, HR

14th October, Abacaxi @ Jazz Goes to Town, Hradec Kralové, CZ

12th October, Abacaxi @ Atlantique Festival, Brest, FR

11th October, Abacaxi @ Week of Surprise, Koln, DE

10th October, Mopcut @ Enjoy Jazz Festival, Heidelberg, DE

08th October, Mopcut @ Kino Sisca, Ljubljana, SL

07th October, Mopcut @ Musik Protokoll Festival, Graz, AT

06th October, Mopcut @ Liquid Loft Studio, Vienna, AT

05th October, Mopcut @ Stadtwerkstatt, Linz, AT

03th October, with Violaine Lochu @ Chateau de Oiron, Oiron, FR

02th October, Nuit Blanche @ Théatre du Corps, Alfortville, FR

27th and 28th August, Acapulco Redux @ MultiPistes, Le Sirque, Nexon , FR

19th August, Acapulco Redux @ Le Bruit de la Musique, Clugnat, FR

30th July, duo with Farida Amadou@ Alarme Festival, Berlin, DE

25th September, Mopcut@ Densités Festival, Fresnes en Woevre, FR

21th July, Solo on acousmonium @ Sonic Picnic/Sonic Protest, Paris FR

16th July, COCO @ Scène Nationale d'Orléans, FR

21th June, Agora @ Tempo Reale Festival,  Firenze, IT

04th July, Abacaxi @ Aera Sismica, Forli, IT

03th July, Abacaxi @ Bolzano Festival, Bolzano, IT

25th June, Abacaxi @ Ground Music Festival,  Brescia, IT

24th June, Abacaxi @ Bruisme,  Poitiers, FR

23th June, Acapulco Redux @ Stéréolux,  Nantes, FR

10th June, Agora @ AJMI,  Avignon, FR 

29th May, Agora @ Angelica,  Bologna, IT (live stream as well) 

21th May, Acapulco Redux @ Moers Festival/Arte Concert, Moers, DE

18th June, Mopcut @ Musica in Prossimità,  Torino, IT

05th february, Solo @ Instants Chavirés, Radio Stream on P-Node, 06pm

26th January, COCO@ Scène Nationale d'Orléans, Orléans, FR CANCELED

28th January, COCO@ Mac-Orlan, Brest, FR CANCELED

01st December, COCO@ La Soufflerie, Rezé, FR CANCELED

28th November, Acapulco Redux@ L'Atabal, Biarritz, FR CANCELED

25th November, COCO@ Théâtre de Vanves, Vanves, FR CANCELED

20th November, Acapulco Redux@ Le Stéreolux, Nantes, FR CANCELED

10th to 17th November, Abacaxi Residency@ Confort Moderne, Poitiers, FR

05th November, Solo@ AJMI, Avignon, FR CANCELED

03rd November, Solo@ Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, FR CANCELED

03 October, FAKE@ MAC de Créteil, Créteil, FR

18th September, Mopcut@ Jazz Cerkno, Cerkno, CZ

05th September, FAKE@ MAC de Créteil, Créteil, FR

05th and 06th September, duo with Violaine Lochu@ Ballades Musicales Coax, Bois de Vincennes, Paris, FR

17th July, Duo with Will Guthrie@ Re:Contact/La Ruffinerie, Montreuil, FR

26th July, With Julien Loutelier and Michelle Rabia@ Aera Sismica, Forli, IT


11th March, Mopcut@ Sonic Protest, Paris, FR

10th March, Mopcut@ Café Oto, London, UK

09th March, Mopcut@ OCCII, Amsterdam, NL

08th March, Mopcut@ Wurm, Basel, CH

07th March, Mopcut@ Artacts'20, St Johann In Tiroll, AU

06th March, Mopcut@ Proberaum, Scheibbs, AU

05th March, Mopcut@ Grill X, Vienna, AU

24 January, Duo with Kasper Toeplitz@ La Muse en Circuit, Alfortville, FR

19 January, Abacaxi@ Le Taquin, Toulouse, FR

19 December, COCO@ MAC de Créteil, Créteil, FR

14 December, Duo with F. Amadou@ Les Ateliers Claus, Bruxelles, BE

13 December, Duo with F. Amadou@ L'An-Vert, Liège, BE

03 December, COCO@ Nouveau Theatre de MontreuilMontreuil, FR

23 November, Nate Wooley "Seven Storey Mountain"@ St Peter's Church, Manhattan, NYC, US

13 November, White Sands@ Biennale Nemo, Pantin, FR

11 November, The Hatch (w/Mette Rasmussen)@ POKK!, Trondheim, NO

10 November, Mopcut@ Music Unlimited, Wels, AT

09 November, Hypnoqueen (w/ Violaine Lochu)@ FRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine, Bordeaux, FR

02 November, Nightlab#02@  Berlin Jazzfest, Berlin, DE

01 November, Mopcut@ Nightlab#01 Berlin Jazzfest, Berlin, DE

25 October, Acapulco Redux@ RUIDO, Buenos Aires, AR

11 October, Acapulco Redux@ Le Florida, Agen, FR

10 October, Acapulco Redux@ Morphine Modern, Berghain, Berlin, DE

03 October, COCO première!@ Musica Festival, Strasbourg, FR

20 September, Acapulco Redux@ Open Source Festival, Sopot, PL

30 August, White Sands@ Baignade Interdite, Rivieres, FR

24 August, T(r)opic@Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Saalfelden, AU

23 August, Mopcut@Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Saalfelden, AU

22 August, Abacaxi@ Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Saalfelden, AU

08 August, Abacaxi@ Jazz Em Agosto, Lisbon, PT

15 July, Duo with Luis Vicente@ Jazz à Luz, Luz St Sauveur, FR

14 July, Coax Mashup@ Jazz à Luz, Luz St Sauveur, FR

13 July, The Hatch@ Jazz à Luz, Luz St Sauveur, FR

06 July, Acapulco Redux@ Festival FK-K, Bamberg, DE

04 July, Acapulco Redux@ Sajeta Art and Music Festival, Tolmin, SL

16 June, White Desert Orch@ Philharmonie de Paris, Paris, Fr

07 June White Sands@ Moers Festival, Moers, DE

07 June, Abacaxi@ Moers Festival, Moers, DE


01 June, White Sands@ Bordures Festival, Langon, FR

31 May, Duo with Violaine Lochu@ Bordures Festival, Langon, FR

18 May, Abacaxi@ FIMAV, Victoriaville, CA

29 April, Acapulco Redux@ Bijloke, Gent, B

18 April, Abacaxi@ Studio Den Loos, Den Haag, NL


22 March, Acapulco redux@ La Casa Musicale, Perpignan, Fr

21 March, Acapulco Redux@ Le Dada, Toulouse, Fr

17 March, Withe Sands@ Artacts, St Johan in Tiroll, Au

15 March, BIC@ Artacts, St Johan in Tiroll, Au

10 March, White Sands (w/ W.Guthrie and E.Keravec)@ Katowice Jazz Festival, Katowice, Po

02 March, Mopcut@ Elevate Festival, Graz, Au

01 March, Mopcut@ Blue Tomato, Vienna, Au

15 February, T(r)opic@ Sons d'Hivers, Paris, Fr


06 February, Coax with Peter Brotzmann@ Sons d'Hivers, Paris, Fr

10 February, Mopcut@ Cave 12, Geneva, Sw

09 February, Mopcut@ Ear We Are Festival, Biel-Bienne, Sw

08 February, Mopcut@ Wim, Zurich, Sw

24 January, The Hatch@  Stillverk, Trondheim, NO

20 January, Acapulco Redux@ Autres Mesures, Rennes, Fr

27 December to 05 January, Workshop with Coco de Raizes de Arcoverde@ Arcoverde, Brasil

15 December, Solo@ CMC Festival, Savador de Bahia, Brasil

14 December, With Arto Lindsay and Thiago Nassif@ CMC Festival, Salvador de Bahia, Brasil

05 December, Solo@ SESC Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, Brasil

24 November, Tournesol@ L'atelier du Plateau, Paris

20 November, ABACAXI@ La Dynamo, Pantin, Fr

17 November, Snap "Cut up is a Dance(r)"@ OFNI Festival, Poitiers, Fr

16 November, Acapulco Redux@ Hautes Fréquences, Amien, Fr

01 November, ABACAXI (Première)@ Berlin JazzFest Grand Opening, Berlin

25 October, Acapulco Redux@ Le Stuk, Leuven, Be

17 October, Parquet@ Nancy Jazz Pulsation, Nancy, Fr

16 October, Tournesol@ Le Petit Faucheux, Tours, Fr

13 October, Mopcut@ Porgy and Bess, Vienna, Au

11 October, Acapulco Redux@ Le Lieu Multiple, Poitiers, Fr

05 October, Trio with F.Amadou and O.Benoit@ Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, Fr

29 September, Parquet@ Le DOC, St Germain d'Ectot, Fr

05 to 11 September, BOAT tour@ Belgium and Netherland 


10 August,  Snap@ Bezau Beatz, Bezau, Austria


14 July, Parquet@ Festival de la cité, Geneve


07 July, Parquet@ Jalles House Rock, St Medard en Jalles


12 June, Acapulco redux@ La Ferté sous Jouar, FR


08 June, Duo with Erwan Keravec@ Passerelle, Brest


03 June, Parquet@ Le 106, Rouen

01 June, Tournesol@ Confort Moderne, Poitiers , FR


26 May, Snap "Cut up is a dance(r)"@ La Carène, Brest, Fr

21 May, Duo with Arnaud Riviere@ La Rade, Brest, Fr

20 May, Mariachi On Fire@ La Rade, Brest, Fr

19 May, Parquet@ Dindes Folles, Rivolet, FR

18 May, Nate Wooley's Seven Storey Mountain@ Moers Festival, Moers, DE

10 May, Parquet@ Nuits Sonores, Lyon

03 May, Acapulco Redux@ Delco Festival, Nimes

28 April, Acapulco Redux@ Donau Festival, Krems, Austria

27 April, MOPCUT@ Donau Festival, Krems, Austria

13 April, Coax Night@ Le Générateur, Gentilly 

07 April, Acapulco Redux@ Antipode , Rennes

05 April, Acapulco Redux@ More Music Festival, Brugge=

31 March, BIC@ Main d'Oeuvre, Paris

29 March, BIC@ Le Périscope, Lyon

28 March, BIC@ La Malterie, Lille

22 March , "Cut up is a dance(r)"@ Scène National d'Orleans, Orleans

10 March, Acapulco Redux@ CND Pantin, Pantin

09 March, Parquet@ La Cave Dimiere, Argenteuil

08 March, Acapulco Redux@ Le Cube, Issy Les Moulineaux

23 February, WDO@  Wiesbaden Jazz Fest, Wiesbaden

14 February, Tournesol@ Penn Ar Jazz, Brest

11 February, Hypnoqueen@ FRAC Champagne Ardenne, Reims

01 February,  Parquet@ Les Inouies du Printemps de Bourges, Lyon

20 January, duo with Erwan Keravec@ Un Pavé dans le jazz, Toulouse

22 and 23 December, Parquet @ La Gare, Paris

21 December, Alexander Schubert "Don't Look Know" @ Biennale Nemo, Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil, Montreuil, France

12 December, Snap "Cut up is a dance(r)" Première@ Biennale Nemo, Pantin, France

25 November, Snap "Cut up is a dance(r)" épisode #0@ Le Générateur, Gentilly, France


16 November, Solo@ Festival Invisible, Brest, France

11 November, with Mette Rasmussen@ Coax Festival, Paris

10 November, Acapulco Redux@ Le Silencio, Paris

09,10,11 November Coax Festival@ Paris!

05 November, With Mette Rasmussen@ Gong Tomorrow Festival, Copenhagen, DK

22 October, Hypnoqueen (new performance with Violaine Lochu)@ FRASC, Le Générateur, Gentilly, France

16 October, Duo with Rob Mazurek@ La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, Brest, France

13 October, Duo with Rob Mazurek@ Atlantic Jazz Festival, Brest, France

08 October, Acapulco Redux@ Tribu Festival, Dijon, France

05 October, Acapulco Redux@ UH Fest, Budapest

04 October, Parquet@ NEMO Biennale, Le Trianon, Paris

04 October, Acapulco Redux@ NEMO Biennale, Le Trianon, Paris

30 September, Duo with Mette Rasmussen@  Festival of jazz and improvised music, Newcastle, U.K.c

30 September, Acapulco@  Festival of jazz and improvised music, Newcastle, U.K.

29 September, Acapulco Redux@ Match and Fused, Zurich, Switzerland0

22 September, Acapulco Redux@ Todaysart, La Haye, Netherland

19 September, Duo w/ Arnaud Riviere@ Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France

16 September, trio w/ Lynn Cassiers and Hilde Holsen@ Match and Fused, Dublin, Ireland

09 September, Acapulco Redux@ Skaņu Mežs , Riga, Latvia

27 August, WDO@ Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Austria

23 August, BIC (w/Rasmussen, Haker Flaten, Forsby)@ Météo Festival, Mulhouse, France

19 August, Fire! Orchestra@ VITABERGSPARKEN, Stockholm, Sweden 

11 August, Parquet@ Les Nuits de St Sauveur, St Sauveur, France

30 July, Coax Orchestra@ Jazz Em Agosto, Lisboa, Portugal

30 July, Acapulco Redux@ Jazz Em Agosto, Lisboa, Portugal

Coax Orchestra, 23 July@ Concert au Tuquet, Saint Martial d’Artenst, France 

21 July, WDO@ Molde Jazz Festival, Norway

30 June, Mats Gustafsson Nu Ensemble, Hydros Zap 7@  Roskilde Festival, Denmark

17 June, Parquet@ La Fraternelle, St Claude, France.

15 June, Tournesol@  Antichambre, St Merry Church, Paris

01 June, Parquet "Convertisseur"@ La Dynamo, Paris

27 Mai Acapulco@ L'Ourcq Blanc, Sport National, Paris

19 May, WDO@ Théâtre Cornouaille, Quimper, France

17 May, Don't Look Know@ La Comedie, Reims, France

14 may, Acapulco Redux@ Trondheim Jazz Festival, Trondheim, Norway

13 May, Acapulco Redux@ Ear To the Ground, Gent, Belgium

05 May, Brazil Mashup@ Theatre de Vanves, Vanves, France

29 April, Acapulco Redux@ Intonal Festival, Malmo, Sweden


28 April, Mariachi On Fire! @ Les soirées Trico, La Générale, Paris

06 April, Solo@ Le Zorba, Paris

From 29 March to 01 April, Julien is the "Common Thread" of the Festival Electro(c)ution 2017 based in Brest, France


01 April, Acapulco Redux@ La Passerelle, Brest.

31 March, Snap@ La Carène ( Festival Electrocution), Brest


30 March, Acapulco@ Festival Electrocution, Brest, France 


29 March, Solo@ Festival Electrocution opening, Brest, France


28 March, Parquet@ Le Lux, Valence, France

24 and 25 March, Mariachi On Fire!@ Sonic Protest, Montreuil, France

08 March, with Max Andrzejewski  and Richard Koch@ Sowieso, Berlin

21 February, WDO@ Studio de l'Ermitage, Paris

18 February, Parquet@ Gare St Sauveur, Lille, France 

10 February, Acapulco@ Le Moloco, Audincourt, France

26 January, L'Ile Sonnante et La Cité des Saules(Music pieces by Hugues Dufourt)@ Le Quartz, Brest, France

20 January, Parquet@ Theatre de Vanves, Vanves, France

19 January, Duo with Per Texas Johansson@ Ronnels, Stockholm, Sweden

08 January, Coax Radio@

07 January, Snap+Erwan Keravec@ O'GIB, Montreuil, France

14 December, Acapulco Redux@ Kino Beat, Porto Alegre, Brazil

09 December, duo with Eddu Ferreira@ Fita Crepe, Sao Paulo Brazil

08 December, trio with Rob Mazurek and Carlos Issa@ Fita Crepe, Sao Paulo, Brazil

03 December, Acapulco Redux@ Novas Frequencias, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

23 Novembre, Acapulco@ Collection Lambert, AJMI, Avigon

19 November, WDO@ London Jazz Festival, London

10 November, Acapulco Redux@ La Filature, Mulhouse

09 November, duo with Arnaud Rivière@ La Dynamo, Paris

05 and 06 November, WDO@ Tempere and Berlin

03 November, Parquet@ Centre FGO, Paris

28 and 29 October, COAX FESTIVAL@ Centre Barbara FGO, Paris

20 October, duo with Luis Lopez@ Desterro, Lisbon, Portugal

10 October, The Sommes Ensemble@ A l'Improviste, Maison de la Radio, Paris

02 to 15 October, Shore to Shore with R.Mazurek, M.Lux, M.Bowden,M.Sourisseau tour@ France

01 October, Parquet@ Match and Fuse, Toulouse

30 September, Snap@ Le Petit Faucheux, Collision Collective, Tours, France

29 september, Snap@ Match and Fuse, Centre FGO, Paris

20 September, Snap@ Un Archet Dans le Yucca, Toulouse, France.

17 September, Acapulco Redux@ Court Toujours, Thionville, France

11 September, Brazil Mashup@ Jazz à La Villette, Paris

09 September, Mats Gustafsson's Hidros Zap@ Ai Confini tra Sardegna y Jazz, Santa Anna Di Arresi, Italia

O1 September, Sarah Murcia "Never mind the future"@ Jazz à La Villette, Paris

27 August, with Band of Dogs@ Les RDV de l'Erdre, Nantes, France

18 August, Fire!Orchestra@ Oslo Jazz Festival, Oslo, Norway

17 August, WDO@ Cluny Jazz Festival, Cluny, France

13 August, Parquet@ Mens Alors, Mens, France

07 August, WDO@ Jazz em Agosto, Lisboa, Portugal

29 July, Parquet@ Festival Paradox, Saint Michel de Boulogne, France

27 July, WDO@ Vague de Jazz, Les Sables d'Olonne, France

08 July, Acapulco@ Haut les Coeurs, La Générale, Paris

01 July, Parquet@ Festival Intergalactique, Tours, France

29 June, Parquet@ Le Petit Bain, Paris.

18 June, Mini Brazil Mashup@ La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, Pantin, France

17 June, Benzine@ Le Triton, Les Lilas, France

03 June to 10 June, Fire!Orchestra@ European Tour

28 May, Tournesol@ Les Temps du Corps, Paris



14 May, Acapulco Redux@ Festival Extension, Café de la Danse, Paris.



12 May, with A.Avice and D. Niangouna@ La Voix est Libre, Maison de La Poésie, Paris.



07 May, Parquet@ Rencontres entre les Mondes, Chabeuil.




28 April, D.D.J.@ Koa Jazz, Montpellier.



15 April, WDO@ Jazz or Jazz, Orleans.



09 APril, Parquet@ La Presqu'Ile, Annonay.



08 April, Parquet@ Experience Festival, Lyon.



02 April, Acapulco Redux@ Artdanthé, Malakoff, France.




24 March, Agnes Thurnauer new exhibiton party@ Galerie Fernand Leger, Ivry sur Seine, France.


22 March, WDO@ Dudelange Festival, Dudelange, Luxembourg.


22 March, Parquet@ BanlieuesBleues, Pantin, France.


19 March, WDO@ Vaulx Jazz Festival, Vaulx, France.


15 March, Brazil Mashup@ Super Flux, Tours, France.


28 February, Coax Orchestra@ Galerie 03 E.V., Wurzburg, Germany.


27 February, Coax Orchestra@ MIBnight Jazz Festival, Bremen, Germany.


21 February, Noel Akchoté "Madriguals For Five Guitars"@ Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France.


1 to 3 February, duo recording session with Andreas Berthling@ Stockholm, Sweden


31 January, White Desert Orchestra@ Théatre de la Cité Internationale, Paris


29 January, White Desert Orchestra@ La Batterie, Guyancourt, France


27 January, Ishin Denshin@ Le Grim, Marseille, France


- See more at:


20 January, Acapulco Redux(Première)@ La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, Pantin, France.




18 December, Fire! Orchestra@ Fasching, Stockholm, Sweden.


12 Décember, with J.Gustin, F.Lasfargues and B. Baudillere@ Déviation, Marseille.


11 December, trio with A.Avice and J.Gustin@ Detail(Millord Café), Paris.


28 November, Acapulco@ Le Doc, St Germain d'Ectot, France.


26 November, Earthly Bird@ Le Carré Bleu, Poitiers, France.


21 November, Snap@ Le Périscope, Lyon, France.


20 November, Snap@ Festival Akouphene, Geneva, Switzerland.


17 November, White Desert Orchestra@ Jazz d'Or Strasbourg, France.


06 November, trio with P.Durand and F. Maurin@ Le Triton, Les Lilas, France.


02 November, The Sommes Ensemble@ La Malterie, Lille, France.


01 November, The Sommes Ensemble@ Millord Café, Paris.


31 October, Acapulco@ Musiques Libres, Besançon, France.


30 October, The Sommes Ensemble@ Le Pannonica, Nantes. 


29 October, The Sommes Ensemble@ Le Carré Bleu, Poitiers.


22 October, Duo with Andreas Berthling@ Tape Fest, Stockholm, Sweden.


21 October, Acapulco@ Tape Fest, Stockholm, Sweden.


17 October, Band of Dogs(Trio with P.Gleize and J.P. Morel)@ Les arts en boule, Melle, France.


10 October, Spat Sonore@ L'Amour, Bagnolet, France.


09 October, Spat Sonore@ L'Amour, Bagnolet.


O8 October, Spat Sonore@ Festival "Le classique c'est pour les vieux", Paris.


19 September, Der Jemann@ Schloss Porcia Spittal an der Drau, Austria.

18 September, Der Jemann@ Schloss Porcia Spittal an der Drau, Austria.

17 September, Der Jemann@ Schloss Porcia Spittal an der Drau, Austria.

6 September, Fire!Orechestra@ Ai Confini Tra Sardegna e Jazz, Sant'Anna Arresi, Italia. 

4 September, Fire!Orchestra@ UJAZZ, Aarhus, Denmark 

30 August, Fire!Orchestra@ Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Austria. 

21 August, Raising Benzine@ Malguenac Jazz Festival, Malguenac, France.

31 July, Fire!Orchestra@ Jazz Em Agosto, Lisbon, Portugal.

31 July, Fire!Orchestra@

13 July, Fire!Orchestra@ Molde Festival, Norway.

11 July, Fire!Orchestra@ Copenhaguen Jazz Festival, Denmark.

10 July, Fire!Orchestra@ Copenhaguen Jazz Festival, Denmark.

09 July, Fire!Orchestra@ Gagnef Festival, Sweden.

04 July, Fire!Orchestra@ Ljuljana Jazz Festival, Slovaquia.

23 to 27 June, Acapulco New Version Residency@ La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, Pantin, France.

12 June, Fire!Orchestra@Jazzwerkstatt Festival, Peitz, Germany.

30 May, with Aymeric Avice and Dieudonne Niangouna@ La Voix Est Libre, Bouffes du Nord, Paris.

23 May, In Bed With@ Moers Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany.

23 May, Eve Risser Orchestra@ Moers Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany.

22 May, Acapulco@ Festival OH!, Strasbourg.

21 May, Benzine nomads@ La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, Pantin.

16 May, Parquet@ Nuits Sonores, Lyon.

13 May, The Sommes Ensemble@ La Maison De la Greve, Rennes.

11 May, Acapulco@ Festival Extension, CRR de Madrid, Paris.

09 May, Acapulco@ Festival Sonore, Brest.

08 May, with C. Rocher and D.B.Briet@ Festival Sonore, Brest.

3 May, In Bed With@ Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Cheltenham, U.K.

1 May, with Q.Biardeau and F.Satche@ Trico Festival, La Générale, Paris.

25 Arpil, Fire! Orchestra@ Orion Theater, Stockholm

22 Avril Acapulco@ Atelier du Plateau, Paris.

21 April, Earthly Bird@ Penn Ar Jazz, Brest.

17 April, Snap@ Instants Chavirés, Montreuil.

16 April, Parquet@ Lyon.

10 April, Acapulco@Collision Collective, Lyon.

01 April, Brazil Mashup@ Banlieues Bleues, Pantin.

28 March, Irène@ La Cave Dimiere, Argenteuil.

25 March, Tournesol@ Banlieues Bleues, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil.

24 March, Eve Risser White Desert Orchestra@ Banlieues Bleues, La Courneuve.

21 March, Snap@ Le Pannonica, Nantes, Collision Collective.

20 March, Sommes Ensemble@ Petit Faucheux, Tours.

08 March,  Sommes Ensemble@ Geneve, Switzerland.

07 March, Sommes Ensemble@ Bale, Switzerland.

06 March, Sommes Ensemble@ Zurich, Switzerland.

12 February, Acapulco@ La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, Pantin, France.

09 February, Acapulco@ Audio Rebel, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

29 January to 11 Février, Brazil trip and meeting@ Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro. 



29 November, Acapulco@ Le Petit Faucheux, Tours.

28 November, trio with J.J. Birgé and M. Collignon@ Le Triton, Les Lilas.

27 November, Raising Benzine@ Studio de l'Ermitage, Paris.

22 November, Tournesol@ Jazz At Home, Paris.

21 November, Duo with B.Dubocq@ Plateforme, Paris.

13 November, Acapulco@ Le Pannonica, Nantes.

12 November, Snap New Album Release@ La Dynamo, Pantin.

04 November, Acapulco@ Le Frigo, Albi.

03 November, Acapulco@ Un Pavé dans le
 Jazz, Toulouse.

31 October, Raising Benzine"Horror Box"@ Le Triton, Les Lilas.

29 October, Tournesol@ Atelier Polonceau-Umlaut, Paris.

20 October, Irène + Radiation 10@ Un Doua de Jazz, Lyon.

11 October, Coax Orchestra@ Chez Matthieu, Blois.

10 October, Coax Orchestra@ Village TroGlobale, Angers.

09 October, Coax Orchestra@ Le Périscope, Lyon.

28 September, Acapulco For Kids@ Tribu Festival, Dijon.

25 September,  Solo for 25 Birthday of Le Pannonica@ Le Pannonica, Nantes.

20 September, Ciné-concert solo on Duel by S.Spielberg@ Bibliothèque de Montreuil, Montreuil.

19 September, DDJ@ Cirque Electrique, Paris.

08 September, Trio with E.Perraud ans A.Avice@ La Java, Paris.

06 September, Acapulco@ Baignade-encore-Interdite, Piscine d'Aigueleze, Rivieres(81).

05 September,  Acapulco@ Jazz Vienna Room Service, Vienna, Austria.

04 September, Coax Orchestra@ Jazz à la Villette, Paris.

03 September, Coax Orchestra@ Oxal'Art,

30 August, Acapulco@ Festival Météo, Mulhouse.

29 August, Trio with Will Guthrie  and ErikM@ Festival Météo, Mulhouse.

2 to 9 August, Summer Music Meeting@ P.A.F., St. Erme.

1 August, Acapulco@ Kind Of Belou, Treignac.

19 July, with Elie Duris and Joachim Florent@ Le Boulevard du Jazz, Melle.

21 June, Duo with Will Guthrie@ L'Atelier Tampon Nomade, Les Temps du Corps, Paris.

20 June, Sylvain Darrifourcq "In Bed With.."@ Le Triton, Les Lilas.

3 June, trio with L.Sclavis and S. Darrifourcq@ Jazz d'Or Berlin, Berlin.

29 May, Acapulco@ Bouge Pas on Arrive!, Thiers.

22 May, Lundi(Duo with E.Risser)@ Coax Festival, Paris.


28 April to 11 May, USA Tour with The Bridge!

27 April, trio with B. Syversen and Max Jaffe@Legion Bar, Brooklyn, NYC, USA.

25 April, Acapulco+ duo with Jeremy Gustin@ Trans-Pecos, Brooklyn, NYC, USA. 

10 April, Desprez/Loutelier/Dubocq@ Ackenbush, Malakoff. 

7 to 9 April, Earthly Bird Recording(Perraud, Axiary, Coste, Desprez)@ Strasbourg.

29 March, Acapulco@ Capsul Collectif, Tours.

28 March, Acapulco@ La Fonderie, Mulhouse.

19 March, Snap@ Coax au Cirque Electrique, Paris.

15 March, Snap@ Vaulx Jazz Festival, Lyon

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