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 Clash between various sound elements, deviations without brutality, electrical and dreamlike sleet and discharges, Acapulco’s vibrations created their own response, overturning the initial proposal, the one of a non-conventional guitar approach, through a radical stage lighting device, where the musician’s body is immersed in new musical densities.

Julien Desprez, Guitar, Ligth Device

Gregory Edelein, Scénographia, Choreography

Cécile Guigny, Light Device realisation



Julien Desprez Acapulco Redux Sylvain Gripoix

 SNaP is equidistant from Santacruz and Tokyo, the perfect place to shake the world like a cocktail.


 Immediacy, breaks, cold energy, sharp and ultra-fast informations, SNaP music is instantaneously passed on to the audience and suggests a total immersion.


 Sharp writing focuses on numerous references, without barriers or predetermined style.


 Nothing gets built ; everything is already here, without hierarchy ; SNaP taps, slices and puts together at will."

Julien Desprez Snap Yann Joussein Clément Edouard

Julien Desprez, Guitare, Compositions

Clément Edouard, Claviers, Electronique

Yann Joussein, Batterie


Emile Martin, Son

Georg Schutky, Lumières

Fire! Orchestra

 It is all about sharing. It is all about the mystery. The Ritual. The moment, the stage, the music, the life.

 Extreme riffs being the hub on the wheels of the Orchestra – moving it all forward and in any directions desired.

Fire!Orchestra/ Mats Gustafsson

Mats Gustafsson – baritone and slide sax, conduction
Johan Berthling – el bas
Andreas Werliin – drums
Mariam Wallentin – voice
Sofia Jernberg – voice
Anna Högberg – alto sax
Mette Rasmussen – alto sax
Lotte Anker – soprano and tenor sax
Jonas Kullhammar – braithophone, slide and bass sax
Goran Kajfes – cornet and slide trumpet
Niklas Barnö – trumpet
Mats Äleklint – trombone
Per-Åke Holmlander – tuba
Hild Sofie Tafjord – french horn
Andreas Berthling – electronics
Finn Loxbo – guitar
Julien Desprez – guitar
Martin Hederos – keyboards and violin
Mads Forsby – drums and electronics
Mikael Werliin – sound


Ancre 1
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