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First Album of ABACAXI, "MAINSTREAM DESIRE" is out ! Listen and buy it on Bandcamp

New piece out : AGORA

Listen it HERE on Bandcamp

Interview for Tracks/Arte

Next Dates 

10th June, Agora @ AJMI,  Avignon, FR 

18th June, Mopcut @ Musica in Prossimità,  Torino, IT

21th June, Agora @ Tempo Reale Festival,  Firenze, IT

23th June, Acapulco Redux @ Stéréolux,  Nantes, FR

24th June, Abacaxi @ Bruisme,  Poitiers, FR

25th June, Abacaxi @ Ground Music Festival,  Brescia, IT

27th June, Abacaxi @ Sienna, IT

(more info soon)

29th June, Abacaxi @ Milano, IT

(more info soon)

03th July, Abacaxi @ Bolzano Festival, Bolzano, IT

03th July, Abacaxi @ Aera Sismica, Forli, IT